Our guiding motto is "quality and a preliminary inspection of our product", ensuring that Friomed’s staff works with dedication and monitors every single aspect of the production process. By preparing our fresh and frozen on board products in a very short time and in the best way possible, we are able to offer our clients high quality products which maintain a fresh taste and their optimum nutritional value.


Friomed quality is a constant commitment: inspections before, during and after the freezing process.
Above all, we are proud of our close collaboration with professionals of the highest level and ad hoc research centers like the Italian National Research Council (CNR), the Sicilian Science and Technology Park, the National Fishing Observatory, and other agencies actively working to guarantee the control and the safety of the product we provide our clients.
For us, “quality assurance” means not only the management of every single aspect but also (and above all) the inspection of everything preceding the actual production process.

The high quality

To obtain quality products it is essential to start with quality prime materials. The valuable experience we have acquired over many years permits us to direct all phases of the production process with care.
To be certain of always obtaining maximum quality, we only deal with the premium products of the Straits of Sicily, a sea which distinguishes itself for its favorable environmental conditions and for its excellent level of salinity. When all this is united with the experience of our fishermen, we can be sure of providing the most delicious fish species.